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I posted a picture on Instagram yesterday with the caption, “News forthcoming,” and want to lay out a few exciting happenings with our project.

For me, the title, “Tent City,” was a bit insensitive and impersonal, when I realized how many of these communities there are. I used it as a working title, as these encampments are often called that by the people that live in them, and the people dedicated to helping. But it doesn’t really encompass what we are trying to accomplish.

I think The Next Step does.

As the official title of the documentary, we will use that hashtag going forward, #TheNextStepDoc, on Instagram or any other platforms.

The next bit of news is that I have completed the first round of grant applications. I finished the application to the Filmmakers Without Borders (FWB) grant earlier this week, and have the ITVS, a public broadcast grant, ready for their January application opening.

“Official proposals” for the FWB grant are drafted after a couple months, so if I hear back before October, that means we weren’t accepted for this round. So for now, no news is good news, and I can’t wait for October to get here.

Until then, I will continue to schedule and conduct interviews. And for the last bit of news…

I will be based in either Indianapolis or Chicago for the remainder of this project.

I am in the interview process with a company in Chicago that would be full time, and would allow me direct access to these organizations and individuals in my free time, without having to travel from Indianapolis. If I don’t get the position, I already have part-time videography work lined up in Indianapolis, that would allow me to work on The Next Step full time, but obviously have to travel to Chicago for the footage and interviews.

I have only a couple weeks left in San Diego, and am planning the move, renters, places to live, etc. It’s all in the works, and still up in the air. It will settle down in the coming weeks, and I’ll be back in the Midwest and able to continue this work. But I wanted to share with everyone that I was able to apply for a grant, and have more lined up for the coming months. The name is set, which is exciting (for me, anyway), and I’ll be back in a couple weeks planted smack dab in the Heartland for incredible access to these subjects for the remainder of the documentary.

I’ve also been able to focus the story into three separate themes, which I will detail next time. Stay tuned! #TheNextStepDoc

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