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Pre- Production – DOCUMENTARIES

RED-SKINS – Where is the Term Derived? – The term has been around for almost 300 years, with a dynamic context worthy of Supreme Court and trademark cases involving the First Amendment. It’s time to collect and present the facts to help the public decide where to stand.

WHEN RUBBER MEETS THE ROAD – The History of North American Roads. – When did it become necessary to connect the coasts? Scaling previously successful, smaller systems across the country was no easy feat…

TITLE PENDING – A Look into North American Sports Rivalries. – There are 5 specific rivalries we’ll explore, all in the same sport, on the same day. No more clues!

TITLE PENDING – How Do People Become Obsessed with Sports? – What brings a grown man to wear another man’s name on the back of his shirt? What brings grown-ups and kids alike to paint their face the colors and logos of their favorite team? What brings these fans to violence in support of their teams? What affect does supporting, endorsing and celebrating athletes’ egos have on our society?