June 2021

Outreach Rough Edit

Happy Monday, Backers and Interested Parties. 

I finished the rough edit over the weekend and wanted to let everyone know we are close…

There is still a bit of tinkering to get to the final edit, mainly adding music, captions and finalizing a few audio and color adjustments, but the layout is pretty much set. I’ll show the edit to a couple people for advice, and I am still researching the best options for adding captions and music, but the hard part is over. 

Beyond the edit, I will submit to film festivals and apply for grants throughout the course of the next year. Usually, once a year has passed since the completion of the production, film festivals don’t accept submissions. 

Right now the timeline is to have the final cut by the end of the month. Music and captions would be the only hold up since those are most likely sourced out. By the end of July, I will have applied to festivals and grants that are currently applicable (Heartland Film Festival’s “Indy Shorts” are closed for 2021, for instance), but as next season’s festivals open up, again, I’ll apply to those throughout the year. 

If and when we get accepted into anything, you’ll be the first to know… I’ll send out a list of where I applied once the final edit is ready for download. Thank you, all, and keep an eye out for the next update!

Until then…