April 2020

Unemployment Doesn’t Equate to Boredom…

I got fired… on my day off.

Actually, the restaurant I worked for, which had just celebrated its 13 year anniversary, owned and operated by a married couple in their mid-40s, with two daughters under 10, held a meeting to let their employees know they were shutting their doors, most likely for good. This was mid- March, I believe a day or so before Gov. Newsom issued a ‘stay-home’ order for California. Around the same time, 1/5 Americans were on the same order, which now extends to more than half of the entire world… More than 6 million other people have lost their jobs in the states. For most of those people, it will take weeks, if not months to receive stimulus checks and unemployment benefits. People’s stories are both heroic and tragic, on macro and micro levels, with devastating effects to economies and families worldwide.

My Mom and I agree, that while we don’t mind the pace, the cause and consequences of the situation are awful. I feel guilty for enjoying the time to work on things I need and want to accomplish, while others are worrying about paying rent, hoarding toilet paper and losing loved ones, if not falling ill themselves. In some ways, I have actually benefited from the circumstances. Since starting the application process in October, I have spent most days studying for exams that California requires as prerequisites for getting into a teaching credential program, so I can teach Social Science subjects in California public secondary schools. I received my test results last Friday, and only passed 5 out of the 6 tests…

If deadlines weren’t delayed due to these shutdowns, I would have to wait until August 2021 to start the program.

Instead, I have two more months to study for one test, and have since found an online program through Cal State that would allow me to student teach anywhere in the state (having said that, I’ll most likely stay in San Diego for the time being, and am still considering SDSU for the credential).

So while I can’t help but feel guilt for benefitting from this pandemic, I can choose to use my time to help others in need… Instead of having to stop studying mid-afternoon to go bartend all night, I now have plenty of time to lay out the rough draft of the documentary while I study for this last test. Further, after the last trip to Chicago in January, I feel confident I have enough content to lay out a compelling story, worthy of everyone’s interest.

Lastly, I’ve been taking some pics of the empty streets, shut down restaurants and to-go operations, and even my roommate making homemade masks to document this (hopefully) unique time in our lives. Link below for those interested…


Thank you all for your continued support and patience. I hope everyone stays safe with their chins up, and masks on!