December 2019

The Next Step, Update

Hi, all,

I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays. I am writing to let everyone know of some developments with The Next Step.

I have scheduled the next round of interviews in Chicago with Thresholds and the Night Ministry for the first week of January. It seems as though Ali from Chicago Coalition for the Homeless will not be able to participate in the documentary going forward, so I am now limited to focusing on those two outreach programs.

I am still applying to grants, and would love to continue the work to include what some Chicago based hospitals are doing to combat homelessness, and if possible, progress in San Diego. Those additions are on hold until I am able to apply for more grants, but the first week of Jan. is set for more interviews in Chicago, which will hopefully lead to the bulk of the story.

I am still reviewing footage and researching organizations to make sure I ask pertinent questions and responses, and am confident these next round of interviews will help piece together what we’ve already accumulated.

Again, if there are certain topics or questions YOU feel I should ask, I’d love to hear from you. Please email me at Thank you for your continued support!