1 Week Away…

My apologies I have not been present on social media or posting content the past few weeks. I have been developing this story behind the scenes, planning all logistics, interviews, and even adding a (fairly large) wrinkle to the project.

Here’s what’s in store for the week(s) ahead…

I finalize whatever interviews I’ve tried to sort thus far. I will need more to help explaining the process than I’ve confirmed so far, but the first round of planning interviews will be finished before Wednesday.

Wednesday I pack. I make sure I have everything ready for the shoot. Car, camera, place to stay (more on that later), etc. Packing camera gear can be daunting. I have to make sure I don’t forget anything, but also don’t want to pack anything I’m not going to use, since I will be carrying everything on my back. Plus it will be raining in Chicago.

I fly to Indy Thursday. Friday I contact to confirm with everyone I will meet with over the next few days in Chicago, and head up Sunday morning.

I stop by Bear Komplex to pick up the backpacks they’ve donated, and then to a friends to unpack and gear up…

The wrinkle I’ve decided to include is that I will be staying in a tent for one of these nights. I will have to speak with a couple people before deciding which night makes more sense, but I want a feel for what these people go through, and I want to be able to explain that to you, so one night is the very least that will take.

I hope doing so brings a unique perspective to the situation, and an ability to explain it to the public so they see it in a new light.

I film and interview all day Monday and Tuesday before heading back to Indianapolis to start processing the footage and everything I learned Tuesday evening.

Lastly, I’ve decided it makes more sense to tackle this story from Indianapolis. It is close to Chicago, and logistically works better than San Diego. I would have to get back behind a bar (worse places to be, I know), and not be able to devote the time and energy to this if I am trying to eek by paying bills just to live in America’s Finest City. If I am able to carry this project back to San Diego, I would love to help here, too, so we’ll see. But for the time being, I will spend a few weeks here after I get back from the Chicago trip to tie up loose ends and head back to Indy in August until this project is complete.

Stay tuned…

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