1 down, 2 go to…

We’re a week in to the Kickstarter campaign for Tent City, and we’ve raised 50% of our goal! I am sure we will reach it by 30 May (ONLY TWO WEEKS AWAY), but that is no reason to rest on laurels, and I sure don’t want this going down to the last minute! Let me first say, “Thank you,” to everyone and explain the importance of your pledge as best as I can.

When your name pops up as a supporter, it is such a huge way of telling me, “Keep going!” That means a lot, guys. One thing I never thought about, as I am producing my first independent film and crowd-funding campaign, was support from anonymous sources. “Likes,” and “follows,” from people on social media, known or unknown, are gratifying and yet another source of motivation, but still, not anonymous. There is just a little extra boost when I see someone anonymously pledge on Kickstarter, so I just wanted to take a second to thank them for their support, too. Not that I don’t want to see all of your lovely names!

When I launched this campaign last week, I sent a link to every email I could find. I’d been collecting them for a few years, knowing I would have to reach out as a filmmaker down the road, asking for help in some ways. Well, I realized asking several hundred people I barely knew to take time out of their day and money out of their pockets to support this may not be the best approach, so I’ve concentrated the list to people that have made a positive impact on my life, in hopes that I’ve done the same for you.

Thank you to everyone for your support. I’m urging you not to wait if you are able to help in any way. Please remember that any pledge on Kickstarter gives a monumental amount of support for this cause, regardless of the dollar amount. The more people we can show are behind Tent City, the better chance we have to make a lasting impact on these people’s lives.


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Thank you, all. Let’s keep this momentum going and reach our goal with time to spare!

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