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Margaret Nighthawk Productions was created to facilitate every step in motion picture story telling, from inception to distribution. Whether fact or fiction, we strive to create exceptional, unique narratives.

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What We've Done

Keller Williams Realty Culture promotion

Neighborlink Fort Wayne, IND promotion

Erick Reminisces

2017 Reel

Bear Komplex Grips

Who We Are

If there is ever an opportunity to travel, I take it, and I have been immeasurably fortunate to combine traveling with videography.

While I certainly enjoy the challenge, not all of my projects are traveling documentaries. I started Margaret Nighthawk with the desire to facilitate the demands of any production, with the focus on progressive, inspirational, thought-provoking stories. The name, “Margaret Nighthawk,” is an homage to love lost, and the hours spent working when no one is watching. Some years ago, Chloe, a great friend who was actually my fiancé at the time, and I lost our dear pup, Maggie. Maggie used to rummage her way through the burn pile and trash bags late at night, usually when we were asleep, but definitely when we weren’t watching. We work odd hours and come up with some of our best ideas at the most random times, usually at the darkest times of the night. One of these nights, we both happened to be awake, working on different projects and caught Maggie in the burn pile eating her favorite, hot-sauce packets.
“You ol’ nighthawk,” Chloe shouted, instantly creating our new favorite nickname. I scribbled it on our chalkboard wall with my left-hand, since I was holding the chewed-up foil packets with my right. The name (and logo) stuck, and we’ve since used her humor and persistence as our motivation.

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